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    SmartGsm Rules

    Post  adminbonz on Sat Dec 05, 2009 1:50 am

    This board is built to help us learn from each other. Every post you make contributes to this board, so learn to aprreciate. Please abide by the rules, all posts not follwing the rules will be subject for deletion

    1. Avoid making insults

    2. No Spamming

    3. As much as possible try to use English as the official Language

    4. No religious messages!

    5. Respect each others Nationality

    6. Post only in the right section (make it sensible)

    7. Avoid Swearing !

    8. First before posting use the "search"-option in the board!

    9. Respect the moderators. If there are some problems with moderators feel free to PM the Admin

    10. Respect the owner of this site also the administrators

    11. Posting details (phone-nr, private-adress....) from other members isn't allowed

    12. Don?t push posting-counter with messages like thx, haha, smileys....

    13. SMS posting are not allowed (You're not the only one reading your message, and this will forever be save in our database as reference for others here in our forum)

    Read every day the rules before post !!!

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